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Yacht Charter

Book directly more than 8000 Yachts from our site or Contact Us and tell us which kind of yacht you are looking for. We'll do search for free and find the best yacht with the best price possible for you. Just laid back and make your final choice from our suggestion.

Our Cruises will organize sailing trips in Mediterranean for 2020. You can join individually or together with a friend.

One Way Charters

We will help you find one way charters at the best price possible!

Our service for Yacht Chartering is FREE of charge. We don’t charge or add any additional commission to the rental price of boat.

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Do you want to brush up on your language skills or are you just starting out in your language studies? Study English under the guidance of a professional teacher. All lessons are one-on-one lessons with the teacher, which allows focusing be on your needs.



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Sailing catamaran in Croatia