Indian Ocean


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Indian Ocean is a body of water approximately one-fifth of the total ocean area of the world. As one of the three major ocean’s of the world, it is the smallest and geologically youngest ocean. The Indian Ocean hosts one of the largest concentration of phytoplanktons which serve as the base of the marine food web.

Indian Ocean cradles the paradise destinations namely Seychelles, Maldives, Madagascar, Mauritius or Reunion Island. Warm temperatures and extraordinary visibility make the Indian Ocean a popular destination for divers, snorkelers and swimmers. Snorkeling and diving the coral reefs of the Seychelles reveals numerous tropical fish species as well as spectacular sights such as the gigantic whale shark, while on land giant tortoises and coconut crabs – the world’s largest land-dwelling arthropod – are fairly common sights.



Maldives is an independent island in the country in the Indian Ocean. It consist of 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks. The group of islands are series of coral atolls raised from an ancient volcanic range. Maldives is the world’s lowest-lying nation with merely eight feet at its highest point. The best time to visit is during dry season which is December through April.

Maldives is one of the best places for scuba diving. The ocean is rich with nutrients for the whole marine life. Tropical fishes, manta rays, reef sharks, eels, sea turtles and the majestic whale sharks. It is also home to the best beaches in the world, with the soft granules, whiter-than-white powder sand and sparkling blue water won’t be found anywhere else.

Considered as the water wonderland, sailing or cruising on Maldives is amazing. Fragile ecosystem, pristine waters, white sand, stunning sunsets and adventure activities awaits everyone.


Comprising of about 115 islands, this island republic is made up with lush vegetation, stunning beaches and a variety of marine life. The climate is almost always tropical oceanic. The wildlife in Seychelles is remarkably diverse, including more than 900 species of fish and sea turtles. The Seychelles is the epitome of secluded Eden, a gentle breeze can be felt from a tree house with the beautiful sunset view.

Turquoise waters and lush hills were signs that Mother Nature was incredibly generous with the country.Shoreline is framed with picturesque granite boulders. Exotic Islands are abundant with sun, sea and sand. Pack swimwear, loose-fitting clothes, and open-toe footwear.

Sail among the islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is an sensational island destination for a yacht charter because of its gorgeous tropical earth, white beaches and granite rocks polished by the waves from the sea.

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