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Take a part on one of our cruises in 2021 will organize sailing trips in Mediterranean for 2021. You can join individually or together with a friend. Get the latest updates when you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our social media channels.




Charter Yachts in harbour - vuokraveneet satamassa
Helmsman on the mediterranean - ruorimies välimerellä
Yacht crew - veneen miehistö
Sailing boat helmsman - purjenveneen ruorimies
Sailing yachts on anchorage - purjeveneet ankkurissa
Sailing yachts on anchorage - purjeveneet ankkurissa
Yachting crew without helly hansen - Purjeveneen miehistö ilman helly hanseneita

Skipper and crew - kippari ja miehistö

Need a Skipper?

We can help you!

We also provide skipper for groups who wish to go for sailing. You can rent the yacht from our selection and we would be glad to provide you a crew. We have Finnish skippers available for you or get a fully crewed yacht from most of the charter companies whom we are representing.

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