we help people achieve dreams

who are we? is a product of love and passion of giving help to people. It all started since the entrepreneur was only a child. His love towards sea and sailing became the foundation of the company. 

In, we all share the same vision and dream. We want to express our passion towards sailing and the sea. Our goal is to help people find their own way to enjoy of the sea.

What we Do?

First, we help people find crafts like sailing yachts or motor yachts to go for an adventure. Though we don’t limit our services only for finding a right yacht for everyone.

For those who don’t have experience for handling yachts or for those who want to just sit back and relax, we organize yachts with captain and/or with full crew. Since we are a Finnish company, for those who want, we have Finnish skippers available too. 

Yachting crew without helly hansen - Purjeveneen miehistö ilman helly hanseneita

The Crew

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Ville Eerikäinen

Founder,CEO and skipper

Elina Eerikäinen

Back office manager

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